Introducing the LEDLASH system by Lavere Lash. Our LEDLASH kit includes everything you need to get started.

Testimony LEDLASH Academy

  • sebelumnya aku sudah suka banget sama kak stevie sebagai panutan lash artist ku dan team dari lavere pun sangat helpfull kak darien thank you udah mau direpotin semoga ada kesempatan next time buat gabung di kelas kelas berikutnya

  • Adanya Lavere hadir di indonesia sangat bermanfaat bagi para lash sisters Tidak perlu jauh-jauh ke LN untuk upgrade ilmu🩷

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  • What is LEDLASH?

    LEDLASH is an innovative lash extension technique that involves using a special adhesive cured under LED light.

  • How does LEDLASH differ from traditional lash extension techniques?

    LEDLASH differs from traditional
    techniques as it utilizes LED light to cure the adhesive, resulting in faster drying times and longer-lasting retention.

  • What are the benefits of LEDLASH extensions?

    LEDLASH extensions offer quicker application times, improved retention, and a more comfortable experience for clients.

  • How safe is LEDLASH application?

    The LEDLASH system is only made available to Certified LEDLASH Artist, ensuring its safe and responsible use. The system, when used appropriately, is safe.

  • Does the light harm the eye? Does it feel warm/hot?

    Adhering to our safety guidelines ensures that your eyes remain unharmed. It's crucial to avoid direct exposure to the light, both for you and your client. When used correctly, the LEDLASH light will illuminate from above, gently resting on the closed eyelid, never shining directly into the eye.

  • How should I store the glue in optimal condition?

    Store the adhesive in the provided pouch to shield it from UV exposure. Ideally, keep
    it in a cool, dry location, but refrain from storing it in the refrigerator.

  • Does the glue contain Cyanoacrylate?

    While our system utilizes LED technology, our adhesive still contains cyanoacrylate. Through rigorous testing, we discovered that cyanoacrylate-free adhesives perform inadequately in practice. They tend to have slower and more challenging curing processes, requiring heavily darkened rooms to prevent premature curing.

    Our adhesive overcomes these challenges. It offers rapid curing without the need for darkened environments.

  • How do I activate the LEDLASH light?

    You can activate the light using a foot pedal, allowing you to keep both hands free for your procedure.

  • What is the lifespan of the LEDLASH light?

    The lamp boasts an impressive lifespan of approximately 20,000 hours! On top of that, there is a 1 year warranty from date of purchase that we give to our students.

  • How do I remove lashes applied with LEDLASH?

    You can use a regular remover and follow the normal removal procedure.

  • Can allergies still occur?

    Based on our experience, around 30% of clients who previously experienced allergies and couldn't wear lashes are now symptom-free with our LEDLASH System, effectively eliminating allergic reactions caused by caused either by carbon in the glue or remaining fumes.

    However, some clients may still experience allergies, particularly those with severe cyanoacrylate sensitivity. While we cannot guarantee complete immunity to allergies,
    our LEDLASH system has shown effectiveness for some of our female clients.

  • Why are only Certified LEDLASH Artists allowed to purchase this system?

    At Lavere Lash, we prioritize integrity and professionalism in the lash industry. The LEDLASH system represents a new technological advancement, underscoring the importance of education and proper training.

    To maintain these standards, we exclusively offer the system to certified Lash artists. Completion of a professional LEDLASH Conversion course is required prior to purchase. However, if you have completed a similar course elsewhere, you are eligible to purchase the system by providing proof of certification.

  • Who can enroll in the LEDLASH Conversion course?

    The LEDLASH Conversion course is open to experienced lash artists proficient in classic and volume lash applications. However, this course is not suitable for beginners. We recommend beginners to enroll in our Level 1 classic course instead.

  • What is included in the LEDLASH Conversion course and how much does it cost?

    The LEDLASH Conversion course is a comprehensive 1-day hands-on training session. It covers LEDLASH theory and practical application on real model.

    The course fee is IDR 8,500,000 and includes a complete LEDLASH kit.

    This kit comprises a LEDLASH lamp, LEDLASH glue, protective glasses valued at IDR 3,099,000, and a bonus of 20 pairs of protective Eyepatches. Additionally, students will receive exclusive lifetime benefits such as student discounts. For further details please reach out to our Academy team.