Lavere Banana Bond 5ml
NEW!  Lavere Banana Bond is the fastest drying lash extension adhesive in our line series. This adhesive is formulated to dry in about 0.5 – 1 seconds, with a high range of humidity at 40%-65%. This fast-drying lash adhesive secures...
Rp 550.000,00
Lavere Diamond Adhesive 5ml
Lavere Diamond Adhesive is the perfect glue for Intermediate to experienced Lash Artists. This adhesive is formulated to dry in about 1-2 seconds, with an ideal range of humidity at 50%-60%. This fast-drying lash adhesive secures your volume fans in...
Rp 450.000,00
Lavere Volume-X Bond 5ml
Designed for Volume Lash application, with medium viscosity in mind for fanning. Ideal at 50%-65% relative humidity.Lavere Volume X adhesive has been designed to have a faster drying speed for applying volume eyelash extensions. Volume X is Waterproof and has Oil-Resistant quality.Lavere...
Rp 840.000,00
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Lavere Pure Pink Bond 5ml
Designed for advanced and experienced lash artists, Lavere Lash Pink Bond is carbon free and would be suitable for sensitive eyes. Pink Bond is most ideal at 30%-55% relative humidity. The pink coloring helps to identify how much glue is used...
Rp 450.000,00
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