Lavere Lash - Dari & Untuk Eyelash Artist Professional

Get A Perfect Eyelash Look

We are different. We are a culture. We are a community. Our products are specially curated and selected by Professional Lash Artists. We never cut out corners in terms of quality that we provide to our clients. We combine passion, knowledge, and cutting-edge technology in lashing industry. Therefore, beauty is a guarantee. Lavere is more than just a product, we are a culture, we are a community, we are the perfect companion to your daily routines.

Premium Quality

We carefully created Lavere Lash with sensitive skin in mind, to maximize efficiency in eyelash extension industry as well as longer-lasting result.

Trusted by pros

We are one of major supplier in eyelash extension industry of Indonesia. Proudly supporting strong and wide salon network and top eyelash artists in Indonesia.

Safe, Tested & Certified

Free from animal and human hair, no formaldehyde in any of our products, and proudly certified with US Pharmaceutical Grade IV

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