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Lavere Banana Bond is the fastest drying lash extension adhesive in our line series. This adhesive is formulated to dry in about 0.5 – 1 seconds, with a high humidity range of 50%-60%.

This fast-drying lash adhesive secures your volume fans in seconds and ensures they remain open, fluffy, and perfectly placed on the natural lash. The low viscosity and ultra-fast setting reduce lash application time and allow you to apply for more extensions, giving your clients thicker, fuller lashes.

The thinner consistency means smoother, cleaner bases with less adhesive and a lighter fan weight.  The Banana Bond is excellent for experienced lash artists who want faster drying adhesive and a perfect choice for clients who have sensitive eyes.

Lavere Banana Bond has low fume and smells like a banana smoothie!

  • Low viscosity
  • 0.5-1 second drying time
  • 4-6 week bonding strength
  • Ideal at 50%-60% humidity
  • Stable & tearless formula
  • Thin & flexible consistency
  • Banana smoothie scent  
  • Medium Flexibility
  • Slight Fume


1. How to store?

- Store in a dry, dark place away from sunlight or moisture.

- The best temperature for storage is brought to 20 degrees centigrade.

- Store in the jar together with silica gel to reduce condensation.

2. Is the glue waterproof?

Yes. Can be directly exposed to water after treatment is carried out. After installation, wash your face immediately.

3. Is the glue oilproof?

Yes, but if you have to use oil-based makeup remover, please double cleanse it with Lash Detox.

4. How long is the storage period?

In the seal, it can be 9 months. But after opening, it is not more than 2 months. It is recommended to change the glue every 1 month.

5. How many times can it be used?

It depends on how to use it. 1 bottle for 5ml of glue can be used for about 20-30 people on average.

6. What should be considered when using glue?

This glue is used for professional use and trained therapists. Ensure that the client's eyes are tightly closed and that no adhesive touches the skin so that irritation does not occur.

7. Can it be used by pregnant and lactating women?

There has never been a clinical test on pregnant or breastfeeding women. But no contents enter the blood. If unsure, consult a doctor.

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Lavere Banana Bond 5ml
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