Inlei Tints (various colors)

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"InLei" Eyebrow and Lash dye. 

  • Gentle formula
  • Suitable for tinting brow hairs and skin
  • Does not cause damage to the hair follicle
  • Deep colour and long-lasting effect
  • Different tint colours available: brown, light brown, chestnut, shiny black

15ml, made in Italy

Make sure to always perform a patch test before carrying out treatments.


In reference to InLei® CAPPUCCINO (batch number 370BL)  and InLei® SILVER (batch number 367BL), the production dates to February 2019 that is 36 months ago.

All the products of this kind, such as hair dyes, usually do not have indications such as the production date and the expiration date because the European Cosmetic Regulation does not require these indications.

The expiry date printed on the packaging of the above-mentioned products, is indicated because they are also sold in foreign countries whose regulation requires a minimum of three years to be reported.

We confirm that the product has passed all the necessary tests to guarantee the stability of the formula over the years, up to 60 months.

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