[Upgraded Sticker] Lavere Elite Silk Single & Volume - Mix Length

Lavere Lash
LESX2 - 008
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Are you looking to create that MLBB look ? MLBB (My Lashes But Better) :D

Our Elite Silk Lash Variant is the answer ! Elite Silk Lashes has 2/3 Tapering from the tips creating a slimmer bodied lash look with a "Super Airy" feel. Elite Silk lash variants has a matte black finishing mimicking real lashes. This is the most natural type of lashes you can get in the market! Mix Tray consists of a mix of length 7mm-13mm.

NEW UPGRADED STICKER - no sticky residue!

  • Matte Black Finish
  • For Natural Airy Look
  • Available in C, CC, and D Curl
  • Available in 0.06, 0.12, 0.15, 0.18mm diameters
  • Mix tray consists of 16 rows and has lengths from 7mm-13mm

All our lashes are packaged in trays with length indicator strips on each individual row for easy organization, speed and efficiency. our trays all have 16 rows and over 4000 lashes per tray. All Lavere lashes are packed in hard case plastic trays. the trays have a sticker indicating the lash type so you're able to store all your lashes in their original trays with ease.


1. How is it stored?

It must be stored in the lash tray.

2. Is there an expiration date?

There isn’t an expiration date.

3. How many clients can I cover with 1 tray?

It depends on usage, each of our trays has 16 rows, and for trays with a Single lash, 1 box contains a range of more than 4000 strands and can be used for about 20 people. For trays with volume lash, 1 box contains approximately 15,000 pieces and can be used for about 15-20 people.


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