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Whether you are an aspiring Lash Artist or an Experienced One, we are excited to have you on board our Lash Sisters Community.

Our Goal in Lavere Academy is to provide a Mentor who truly cares about your success in this industry. We understand that embarking in something new is scary. We understand the struggles in managing a business. This is where we come in--we are proud to be the only Academy in Indonesia to provide you with a Comprehensive Curriculum combining Business knowledge with International standard lessons in the Lash & Brow industry.

Our relationship with our students are long-lasting. You can always reach out to us anytime even after you have completed your courses.

Some of the courses we offer:
1. Lash Extensions (various levels)
2. Filler Lift
3. Brow Bomber Architecture

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All your education in one place–from beginner to advanced courses.

Education team Laverelash

Our Educators have extensive years of working in the Lash Industry. They have prepared a curriculum that would help you Level Up in both your skills and business management. Check out their profiles!

We are proud of our Graduates! Here are some words from them regarding our Academy!


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