LAVERE Fixing gel for lash and brow lamination

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Fixing Gel (water-soluble glue) is an adhesive designed to glue natural eyelashes onto the silicone roller. Its adhesive capabilities are able to perfectly apply both thin and thick lashes. Unlike lower quality glue on the market, this high quality glue is just at the right consistency thus y-brush would glide easily during lash combing and it doesn't dry too fast allowing lashes to come out prematurely.

  • Liquid texture, not easily thickened so that it can be optimal and neat in application
  • It is sticky after application, so that the lashes that have been glued do not come off easily
  • Does not sting and does not cause allergies to the skin
  • Washes easily with water
  • 1 tube can be used up to 20 applications


  • Lash Lash Treatment (Lash Lifting)
  • Eyebrow lamination treatment (Brow Bomber)

LAVERE Fixing gel for lash and brow lamination
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