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Specially formulated to clean lash extensions and natural lashes from dust, oil, and other impurities. Lash Detox is specially designed not to sting the eyes during application. Perfect for use as makeup remover. Available at reseller price with MOQ of 10 pieces.


  1. Use it before every lash treatment to ensure natural lashes are squeaky clean.
  2. Use it after lash extension application to remove excess fumes build-up around the eyes.
  3. Use it day and night to keep you lash line healthy and clean.
  • Parabens and SLS Free
  • Vegan
  • Alcohol and oil free
  • pH balanced
  • Gentle on even the most sensitive eyes

Content 50ml

Made in Australia

Soft Microfibre Brush included



1. How long can it be used?

It depends on how often and how much you use it. 1 bottle of lash detox can be used for about 2 months if used twice a day.

2. How long is the expiry period?

1 year after opening.

3. How to use it?

- Shake before using

- Pump out the foam and apply it to the lash line

- Use the soft microfibre brush to gently direct the foam from the roots to the tips of the lashes in a downward motion.

- Rinse with water

- Gently dry the lashes with a lint-free tissue using a tapping motion or use a fan or hair dryer in the coolest setting to dry the lashes

- Comb the lashes using a spoolie and you are good to go!

4. Can it be used to remove waterproof eyeshadow and mascara?

For extremely waterproof cosmetics, it is advisable to use a bit of oil based makeup remover first and then use lash detox for double cleansing (second stage cleaning to make it cleaner and remove any remaining oil around the eyes).

5. Is it safe to use for all ages?

Yes, Lash Detox formulation is very gentle and is suitable for use on even the most sensitive eyes.

6. Can it be used by pregnant and lactating women?

Yes, it does not contain any harmful ingredients. If unsure, consult a doctor.

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Lash Detox 50ml
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