Lavere Lash presents the latest innovations in the Eyelash Extension industry. Every product from Lavere Lash is created on the basis of art and innovation, suited to suit every woman with different eye characteristics and needs.

Based on this personalised needs, Lavere Lash offers a complete and innovative variety of yelash products. Each product is created with full attention to detail in an effort to maximize the appearance of each pair of eyelashes. Moreover, the variation in design offered supports the character of each woman.

Another speciality of Lavere Lash is that each product design does not only support the client, but also the Eyelash Artist. With a complete range of products of premium quality, the eyelash extension salon and its practitioners are able to freely explore and be as creative as possible.


Inspired by Professional Eyelash Artists, Lavere Lash was created by them and for them. Premium Eyelash quality is supported by materials that are safe for sensitive skin. Lavere Lash products have the best durability, compared to other brands. Today, Lavere Lash has remain the first choice for a number of big players in the domestic Eyelash Extension industry - including Everlash, Wonderbelle & Classhe.


The spirit of collaboration and education are the core values of Lavere Lash, joining hands with fellow professional Eyelash Artists to advance the Eyelash Extension industry in Indonesia.


Lavere Lash offers three main styles - Hollywood Mink, Elite Silk and Tru Flat. The design of each variant can be personalized both in terms of length, thickness and curve.

Hollywood Mink

Dramatic black effect with a touch of bold character, as well as maximum level of curl.

Elite SIlk

Black matte effect with natural and light characters, as well as natural level of curl.

Tru Flat

Black matte effect with natural ‘ultra bold’ character. Ideal for flat eyelash to get volume look.
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