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Premium Quality: We do not compromise on quality . Our products are all carefully selected through rigorous amount of testings to maximize efficiency and longer - lasting result.

Trusted by Pros : We are proud to be the chosen supplies partner by Premium lash salons as well as top lash artists in Indonesia . Our products are tested by Pros and trusted by Pros.

Exceptional Service : We are here for you , for your questions , and for your concerns . When you choose Lavere to be your supplies partner , you can be confident that you are getting responsibility in your package too.
Lavere Lash
Lavere Lash
Lavere Lash

Trusted by influential figures in the country

Our products are trusted and worn by various celebrity figures to enhance their looks.

Lash Type 1: Hollywood Mink Lash

The darkest fuller bodied lash variant that would be sure to help you achieve that glam look effortlessly.

Lash Type 2: Elite Silk Lash

The most natural lash variant, with matte black finishing to help you achieve that airy, weightless feel.

Lash Type 3: Tru Flat Lash

The ultimate choice for that bold, yet super lightweight single lash. Each strand is cut to help you achieve a perfect bond with your natural lashes so they can have a longer lasting retention.

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For salon owners who are thinking of stocking up on our products, we also do have an attractive Wholesale program. Contact us for more info and we would be happy to get back to you!

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