General Questions
Where is Lavere based out of?
Our headquarters is proudly located in Jakarta, Indonesia.
How can I contact Customer Support?

Lavere Lash Customer Experience is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm GMT+7. You may contact us via Whatsapp at +6281113014838. You may email us at Or you may contact us through Social Media @laverelash.

How can I track my package?

Once your order ships, you will receive an email with confirmation. The carrier will have the most up to date information on your package. Otherwise, you can also contact us to get your tracking number.

Can I make any changes to my recent placed order?
Unfortunately once the order has been placed we are unable to make any changes due to our shipping department receiving all orders and getting them shipped out as soon as received.

What should I do if I received a defective product?
First off, oh no! If, in the unlikely event that you receive a defective product, please return your item within 60 days of delivery to receive a refund or exchange. A return shipping label will be provided. After 60 days, the product is no longer refundable or exchangeable.

Do you ship worldwide?
Of course! Our products are loved by Professional Lash Artists outside of Indonesia and we’re happy to offer worldwide shipping.

What shipping carriers does Lavere use?
Domestic shipping : JNE, TIKI, J&T, GOJEK
International shipping : UPS & EMS



Is Lavere Adhesive latex free?
Yes, all of our adhesives are Latex and formaldehyde free. They all are medical grade so you and your customers get the best and safest products from us.

What is the shelf life for adhesive?
Our glues have a 9 month shelf life from manufacturing date and up to eight weeks once opened. We always recommend writing the date of when you opened it to ensure you are always using the freshest glue on your clients.

Which adhesive is for sensitive eyes?
All our glues contain the same active acrylate ingredient based. If your clients are experiencing allergic reaction due to acrylate, then s/he may not be a suitable candidate for eyelash extension. However, for clients who are just sensitive, our Banana Bond would be suitable as it has minimal fume and is very fast drying. For clients who have a reaction to Carbon, our Pink Bond would be suitable as it is Carbon Free and minimal fume as well.

How should I store my adhesive?
We would always recommend to store your glue in a cupbard out of direct sunlight or heat. You could also store your glue in our airtight container filled with silica gels to absorb any moisture from the air. It is ideal to store glues in humidity level lower than 40%. We do not recommend you to store your glues in the fridge after opening.

Which adhesive is the fastest?
Our fastest drying glue is the Pink Bond and Banana Bond. This takes 0.5 - 1 second drying time. Recommended humidity: 50-65%Recommended temperature: 20-22.

Which adhesive would you recommend for beginners?
We would recommend either the VolumeX Bond or the Diamond Bond. The VolumeX Bond has 2-3 seconds drying time with high viscosity and the Diamond Bond has 1-2 seconds drying time with medium viscosity. Both glues work perfect for beginners who are still developing their techniques.

I need an adhesive with low fumes, which is best?
Our adhesive with the lowest fume would be the Pink Bond or the Banana Bond.

What are your lashes made out of?
All lashes are made from the highest grade synthetic PBT material so they are completely cruelty free and hypoallergenic, they are soft, maintains their curls well even after long exposure to external factors, are super dark and easy to use.

What is the difference between all of the lashes?
We have 3 lash variants: Hollywood Mink, Elite Silk, TruFlat

  1. The Hollywood Mink variant has natural sheen finish, has 1/3 tapering from tips, and creates a dramatic bold lash set result.
  2. The Elite Silk variant has a black matte finish, has 2/3 tapering from tips, and creates an airy feel and super natural lash set result.
  3. The TruFlat variant has a black matte finish, split tips, and creates a dark eyeliner effect when applied correctly. This variant has a 2/3 equivalent weight to that of a regular lash. A strand of TruFlat in 0.20mm diameter thus has the equivalent weight to a regular lash of 0.12mm. And a strand of TruFlat in 0.15mm diameter has an equivalent weight to a regular lash of 0.10 mm.

Is it safe to apply your lashes and adhesive to pregnant clients?
Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies have never been the subject of a clinical trial. As long as the clients do not have any allergic reaction to eyelash extension and its glue, it should be safe to proceed with the treatment. But for precaution, it is better to consult with their respective physician.

My client had an allergic reaction, why?
Some people develop allergic reaction over the course of the years of wearing eyelash extension. If you're unsure about whether your clients have had prior allergic reaction, it is always advisable to conduct a patch test to them.



What is Lavere academy?
Lavere Lash Academy is our platform to provide you with an international quality standard curriculum. We do have courses from Level 1 to Level 4 Lash Extension class, Lash Filler and Brow Bomber class by InLei Italy.

How do I sign up for the academy?
Please contact our team at +6281113014838 to consult via Whatsapp or phone call. We'll be happy to talk to you to direct you to the right course.

Do I have to purchase a kit with my course?
When you register a class with us, you would get a student kit included.

Will Lavere provide a model for my training?
Yes, our classes consist of practical sessions too! You're free to bring your own model, but we can also find you a model.

How many models do I need to bring to the training?
During class, we normally practice on 1 model per day. Consult with your trainer on the class rundown.

How can I become an Educator for Lavere or InLei?
Message us via Instagram or our Whatsapp. We'd love to hear from you :)

Do I need to be a cosmetologist or esthetician to take a Lavere Academy?
No students do not need to be a cosmetologist or esthetician or have any prior lash experience before completing the Level 1 and Level 2 Lavere courses or Lash Filler course.


Are your products Vegan or Cruelty Free?
All of our products are 100% cruelty free and can be considered vegan. None of Lavere’s products have been tested on animals. All the hair in our brushes and lashes are synthetic.

Do I need to be a licensed professional to purchase Lavere products?
No, you can purchase our products from our website or our online marketplace in Shopee or Tokopedia(for domestic buyers). However, we do recommend you to take up one of our courses to gain optimal knowledge on how to use our products. Lavere Academy graduates also do get a lifetime student discount and other benefits :)

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