InLei MiAmi Eye Contour Cream With Lifting Effect 15ml
MiAmi is a light, non-greasy eye contour cream with a lifting effect. Attractive graphics and design designed to facilitate product sales. It highlights the packaging worked and studied in detail. For your customers, it will be love at first sight!...
Rp 450,000.00
InLei Fashion Lash
InLei® FASHION LASH FASHION LASH fixes lashes in the desired position by modelling them and making them perfectly aligned. - Protects from external factors. - Used before mascara, acts as a protection. - Thanks to the "luminescine" ingredient that exploits the luminescent properties...
Rp 450,000.00
InLei Mascara Frida is a safe mascara, easily removable and compatible with beloved eyelash extensions and treatments to natural lashes. 100% Made in Italy soft and enveloping consistency compatible with eyelash extensions and Lash Filler treatment easily washable with InLei® Mousse formulation based on natural waxes provided with high precision and definition brush -...
Rp 380,000.00
Lash Detox 50ml with free brush
Oil free Nourishing to the lashes Gentle cleansing formula Paraben & Petroleum free 50 mL Made in Australia Specially formulated to cleanse your lashes from dirt and dead skin build up. Regular use of Lavere Lash Detox will prevent oil...
Rp 250,000.00
Pre-treatment Peach 20 ml
Pre-Treatment biasanya diaplikasikan ke bulu mata klien sebelum melakukan proses Eyelash Extensions. Proses dilakukan untuk beberapa alasan signifikan. Produk ini dapat membersihkan bulu mata asli dari minyak berlebih dan bahan kimia yang masih tertinggal di bulu mata asli. Menghadirkan keseimbangan...
Rp 250,000.00
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