Lavere big mirror - Plasma Rose Gold
This oversized lash mirror is your weapon for a tidy set. This mirror is used to check the front end on client's eye without having to move your position.  USE: Check and scan client's lashes front during lash application.
Rp 210.000,00
Lavere Rose Gold Collection - Volume Boot Tweezer
Boot Tweezer dari Lavere hadir dengan wujud material Rose Plasma Gold! FItur inovasi flush blade memungkinkan pengaturan volume kipas yang ideal. Sementara, struktur ringan dan kelenturan pegas yang lembut mengurangi dampak kelelahan pada tangan. Penutupan flush blade memungkinkan pengambilan kipas...
Our Boot Tweezer comes with Rose Plasma Gold finishing! Flush blade closure allows for secure pick-up of volume fans, while lightweight construction and soft spring tension reduces hand fatigue. Superior plasma coating in Rose Gold ensures this badass resistant to most chemical and cleaning agents....
Rp 395.000,00
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