Lavere Bronze Collection - Volume Boot Tweezer
L208 is our our volume tweezer designed for the grabbing of volume lashes and fanning them with control. L208 has a boot shaped tip and tight closure to allow for a wider sweet spot. Each pair is always hand-tested for...
Rp 345,000.00
Lavere Bronze Collection - Skinny Straight Tweezer
L101 has a straight, and skinny body towards its tips and the perfect precision tweezers for isolation. Its body allows unobstructed viewing angle when doing isolation and helps your fingers to navigate the face contour in a more ergonomic manner....
Rp 345,000.00
Lavere Bronze Collection - Straight Tweezer
L100 is our our straight tweezers meant for isolation or application of classic lashes. Its body allows for unobstructed viewing angle when doing isolation. Its sharp tips allow for precise separation or isolation of tiny lashes. Robust construction using German...
Rp 345,000.00
Lavere Bronze Collection - Volume L Tweezer
L209 is another type of volume tweezer designed for precision and control. L209 has a sharp tips and is perfect at grabbing fine lash diameters to create mega volume fans. Each tweezer is always hand-tested for optimum performance. Robust construction...
Rp 345,000.00
Lavere Bronze Collection - 25 Degrees Multipurpose Tweezer
L107 is our multi-purpose tweezer designed for both easy isolation as well as application. You can use this tweezer for Classic, 2D and even 3D application. Each tweezer is hand-tested for optimum performance.  Robust construction using German steel coupled with...
Rp 345,000.00
Lavere Bronze Collection - Curved 45 Degree Tip Precision Tweezer
L103 is our our curved precision tweezers with 45 degrees sharp and narrow tip. It is specially designed for comfortable isolation of dense lashes as well as application from Classic, 2D and 3D lashes. L103 is the ideal volume tweezer...
Rp 345,000.00
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